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A Family Trip to C Lazy U Ranch, Colorado

April 15, 2016

If I’m ever going to die of cute-kidness, it will happen in Colorado.  Probably about 90 miles outside of Denver at the C Lazy U Ranch.  I visited for the first time last year with my whole family, and I’m counting the days until we return again this summer.

2 Colorado - C Lazy U - family

A week at C Lazy U was more than just a family vacation.  Something about the high altitude and clean mountain air was transformative.  We’re generally a pretty friendly bunch, but we were absolutely giddy from the moment we set foot on the ranch.  My niece and nephews were all smiles, and they changed from city kids to little buckaroos in an instant.

3 Colorado - C Lazy U

4 Colorado - C Lazy U

5 Colorado - C Lazy U

More than anything, the kids were excited by their freedom.  From the front porch of our cabin, we grown-ups watched them come and go – gradually exploring the ranch property and making friends along the way.  They started by hitting the playground,

6 Colorado - C Lazy U

7 Colorado - C Lazy U

and sneaking ice cream cones in the pool,

8 Colorado - C Lazy U

and making solo trips to the lodge for hot chocolate.

9 Colorado - C Lazy U

They were up each morning with the sun, active all day and falling asleep in their boots every night.  Could it get any better?

Yes, just add horses.

10 Colorado - C Lazy U

11 Colorado - C Lazy U

12 Colorado - C Lazy U

We watched the kids develop the confidence and discipline necessary to handle their horses in the mountains.

13 Colorado - C Lazy U

And after spending mornings and afternoons with their horses, the kids were happy to relax and pal around with their grandparents.

14 Colorado - C Lazy U

15 Colorado - C Lazy U

My niece met a group of girls about her age, and she spread her wings without her little brothers in tow.  On a raft trip down the Colorado River, she even made a four-legged friend.

16 Colorado - C Lazy U

17 Colorado - C Lazy U

My nephews, only a year apart, became constant cowboy companions.

18 Colorado - C Lazy U

19 Colorado - C Lazy U

I’ve never spent a week where the cute kid factor was so high.  And I’ve never laughed more or had a happier, more relaxing time with my family.  When we drove away, the kids began to cry.  “Can we move to Colorado?” they asked.  Maybe… at least for another week this year.

Thank you, C Lazy U.  And thank you, Mom and Dad.

20 Colorado - C Lazy U

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  • Reply Ron Fancher April 15, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    We all had a tinge of cute-kidness!! It is infectious. Attacks “big” kids just like little ones. I loved seeing its ravages on all the faces, big and small. If you could catch it in a bottle we could sell it by the case. Delight for everyone. Thanks for coining such an approtiate and special way to remember it all. — Dad

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